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Are your customers comfortable in your store? 

arrange for commercial hvac & Refrigeration services

If your HVAC system breaks down and your store becomes too hot or cold, you could lose customers. Make sure your facility is staying at a comfortable temperature at all times of the year using our services at Icon.

Here at Icon, we can install a new heater or air conditioner for your office, restaurant or retail store. If your system breaks, our team of experienced technicians can identify the problem and repair it to keep your business running smoothly. 

We offer 24/7 emergency services so you can get your HVAC unity working before costs you business. 

WE can keep your refrigerator running

A broken cooler can cost you thousands of dollars in lost stock. Be sure to arrange your commercial refrigeration services if you suspect you have a problem.


Watch for these signs that you need repairs:

Your refrigeration cannot maintain a consistent temperature

You can see frost building up around the exterior or evaporator coils

Your refrigeration door doesn't close and seal properly 

Give us a call at 541-213-9725 for commercial refrigeration services

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